Even the most expensive wrinkle cream treats only the surface of your skin. To go deeper, you could go to a pricey dermatologist. But now you can go beyond the limits of skin care at home with dual LED light therapy technology.

Two powerful, yet gentle LED lights work below the skin's surface to stimulate collagen production and smooth out skin problems.

Clinical trial participants reported the following benefits: smoother skin, brighter skin tone, improved elasticity and increased skin moisture.

How does it work? Dual LED technology sails past your epidermis and dermis to reach the hypodermis where your skin's regeneration factory is located. The first 630nm red light goes 2.5mm deep to revitalize collagen. The second 830nm near-infrared light reaches 3.5mm deep to invigorate blood circulation. The dual LED spectrum works together to create a synergy effect for faster results.

Is LED quality important? Absolutely! Not all LED light therapy masks are the same. You need the precise wavelengths of light on your skin. Just a red glowing light is useless. Make sure to use only the best LED light technology for your face.

Note: This is the newest PLATINUM edition, which is lighter and more powerful. It comes with 216 lights (108 red + 108 near-infrared). The older edition has 120 lights (60 red + 60 near-infared). Each light nodule contains both spectrums of light.

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